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Precast Concrete Vertical Cast Pipe Culvert

Cinlepile Sdn. Bhd.


CINLEPLUSTM vertical cast reinforced concrete pipes are used for normal drainage, sewerage drainage and culvert application.

The pipe culverts are manufactured under stringent controlled environment conforming to Malaysia Standard MS881: 1991: Part 1 : 1981. CINLEPLUSTM vertical cast reinforced concrete pipes are certified to IKRAM QA.


IKRAM QA Certified to:
MS 881: Part 3: 1991
Certification No: IKRAM Q016-J0201-N2811

Structural Dimensions and Properties

Inner Diameter (mm) Pipe Thickness (mm) Approximate Weight Per Pipe (Tonne)
Class L/X Class M/ Y Class Z/ H
300 50 0.19 0.19 0.20
450 60 0.33 0.33 0.34
600 70 0.50 0.50 0.53
750 75 0.68 0.68 0.70
900 90 0.98 0.98 1.01
1200 100 1.44 1.45 1.47
1500 110 1.97 1.98 2.00
1800 125 2.67 2.69 2.72


The production using dry concrete mixes via a revolutionary vibration technique allows a high level of densified concrete compaction.

Wire Reinforcement Computerised machine welding Generally conventional welding
Concrete Mix Design Dry concrete mix; lower W/C Wet concrete mix. Higher W/C
Compaction Multi amplitude vibration Potential aggregate segregation
Concret Strength Able to achieve 40MPa in 7 days; Exceed 55MPa  in 28 days Generally achieve 40MPa at 28days
Wall thickness Thicker wall, stronger Thinner wall
Precise Geometrical Dimension Higher accuracy of internal diameter Inconsistent internal diameter
Installation/  Loading Time Uniform pipe strength at all points. No need for point loading Alignment of pipes to maximum point load required
Production Speed Higher production speed Slower manufacturing process

The jointing of Ogee Joints eases installation:


(D1)   Internal Diameter

(t)   Wall Thickness

(D2)   External Diameter

(L)   Length


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